Artisan And Artist WCAM-7500N Sling Bag

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  • Artisan & Artist Shoulder Bag
  • Code : Artisan and Artist WCAM-7500N
  • Made in Japan
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This sporty and sleek looking shoulder-type camera bag features a water-resistant exterior. The high-density nylon and waterproof zippers deflect light, water and dust, providing extra protection for your equipment.

The bag can hold camera and up to two lenses. You can simply put the whole set of camera into the partition directly without detaching the parts. The zipped front pocket gives space for storing accessories and personal items.

Waterproof cover and fasteners are used to prevent water from entering the bag. Plastic drain buttons are attached to the lower part of the back pocket to act as a scupper when rainwater collects.

Remove the inner case to transform this bag into casual bag for everyday use.

Additional information

Weight3000 g
Dimensions50 x 20 x 20 cm


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